Who is Rosie?

Rosie the Reindeer just happens to be the little sister of the “Most famous reindeer of all”. She lacks the shiny red nose that her brother is known for & even lacks the desire to pull Santa’s sleigh. Rosie learns through a journey of following her own path, that she actually embodies more shine than she thought!

Rosie will steal your hearts and make her way into your families holiday traditions in no time!

Did you know?

Even The Radio City Rockettes enjoy Rosie the Reindeer. 

“This adorable story is sure to spark joy and hope in every little dancer’s heart. “Rosie the Reindeer” is a true testament that everyone is special in their own way and with a little perseverance and a lot of hard work, a dream like Rosie’s, (or any dream someone may have,) is attainable.”

-Christine Sienicki

A message from the Author. Watch below!

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Get Rosie Ready for Christmas!